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Bureau of Meteorology

Belize Weather

Belize Weather

Overview of Weather Types, Data, and Seasons in Belize:

  1. Climate Type:

    • Tropical Climate: Belize has a tropical climate with distinct wet and dry seasons. It is located in Central America and bordered by the Caribbean Sea.
  2. Temperature:

    • Warm Temperatures Year-Round: Belize experiences warm temperatures throughout the year. Average temperatures range from around 70°F (21°C) in January to 84°F (29°C) in July.
  3. Seasons:

    • Wet Season (June to November): The wet season coincides with the hurricane season in the Caribbean. It brings increased rainfall, high humidity, and a higher risk of tropical storms and hurricanes.

    • Dry Season (December to May): The dry season is characterized by lower rainfall, sunny weather, and cooler temperatures. It is a popular time for tourism.

  4. Precipitation:

    • Varied Rainfall: Belize experiences a significant variation in rainfall between the wet and dry seasons. The wet season sees more intense and frequent rain, while the dry season is characterized by less rainfall.
  5. Hurricane Risk:

    • Hurricane Season: Belize is vulnerable to hurricanes, especially during the wet season. While direct hits are not frequent, the region can be affected by tropical storms and hurricanes passing nearby.
  6. Humidity:

    • High Humidity: Belize has high humidity levels, particularly during the wet season. The combination of warmth and humidity contributes to the tropical feel of the climate.
  7. Sunshine Hours:

    • Abundant Sunshine: Belize enjoys abundant sunshine, especially during the dry season. Visitors can expect long hours of daylight and sunny weather for outdoor activities.
  8. Trade Winds:

    • Caribbean Trade Winds: The Caribbean trade winds have a moderating effect on temperatures and contribute to the pleasant climate. Coastal areas may experience a breeze from the Caribbean Sea.
  9. Cultural Impact:

    • Festivals and Celebrations: Belizean culture is influenced by the seasons, with various festivals and celebrations tied to cultural and agricultural events. The dry season often sees lively festivals.
  10. Tourist Considerations:

    • High Tourist Season: The dry season is considered the high tourist season, attracting visitors seeking sun, water activities, and exploration of natural attractions like the Belize Barrier Reef.
  11. Natural Attractions:

    • Diverse Ecosystems: Belize's weather supports diverse ecosystems, including rainforests, coastal areas, and the barrier reef. The varied climate contributes to the country's rich biodiversity.
  12. Clothing Recommendations:

    • Light Clothing: Light, breathable clothing is recommended due to the warm temperatures. Visitors should bring rain gear if traveling during the wet season.

Belize's tropical climate offers a warm and inviting atmosphere, making it a popular destination for those seeking outdoor adventures and natural beauty. While the wet season brings the possibility of tropical storms, the dry season provides ideal conditions for beachgoers and explorers. Travelers can enjoy the country's vibrant culture and diverse landscapes year-round.

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